5 Things Hospitals Can Learn About Patient Engagement From Netflix

Since its inception in 1997, the video streaming and DVD distribution company Netflix has grown into an internationally recognized giant in the entertainment world. In July of this year, the business reported that its subscriber base had grown to 65.55 million, according to Business Insider. There’s no denying that the company has captured the attention of its target audience. Netflix understands what drives the modern consumer and has carefully tuned and shaped its offerings and service delivery Read more [...]

Is Patient Engagement the Root of All Problems?

Lack of Loyalty. No-Shows. Poor Compliance. Readmissions. Meaningful Use. Low Satisfaction Scores. Clinician Inefficiency. At first these seem like disparate problems within a hospital environment - but I propose that a common underlying problem affects them all: poor patient engagement. When patients are not engaged and empowered in their care, a domino effect can occur. They don't show up for scheduled appointments or they cancel procedures. On a procedure day (if they do show up), they can delay Read more [...]

The Key to Meaningful Patient Engagement

After a sequestration cut to Meaningful Use payments in March, last month six senators expressed their concerns with the HITECH Act in a whitepaper delivered to the Department of Health & Human Services, asking for a reboot of the program. FierceEMR reports that consumer groups have responded in May with their comments, warning that pausing or delaying Meaningful Use would stifle innovation, hamper interoperability and postpone cost savings. This is great evidence that consumers are expecting Read more [...]