Do Old People Want Digital Engagement?

I know... the last thing seniors want is to be called "old people." But as patients, do they want to be engaged using online and mobile technology? Although the world's online revolution has affected all aspects of consumer life, including banking, travel, shopping and media, the elderly population has often been left out or ignored, because of a widespread assumption that they don't use online tools.  As a result, institutions often implement more costly and resource-intensive methods - like Read more [...]

Predicting the Future of ePatients

Nearly half of ePatients living in the United States say the web has helped them get treatment faster, better communicate with their doctors, understand medications, or otherwise "CareHack" the health system over the past three years, according to new data published in EPATIENT 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care. The book covers 15 trends that are sorted into three themes (see all in infographic): Health Hyperefficiency - technology is making healthcare more efficient  The Read more [...]

Fighting Obesity With Long-Term Patient Engagement

The holiday season can be a hard time of year for weight management patients. From turkey temptations to holiday cookies, food challenges lurk around every corner. This is the time where strong connections with their care team and patient engagement are needed for compliance with care plans. ObesityWeek, the national conference for practitioners and researchers, took place in Atlanta earlier this month. A study was released that showed bariatric surgery's beneficial effects for type 2 diabetes Read more [...]

Human Interaction vs Technology Automation: Do We Have to Pick a Side?

When looking at improving patient satisfaction scores, human interaction and technology automation seem like opposing solutions, but both can play a role to elevate the patient experience and improve patient engagement. Recent research has shown that simple authetic human elements like knowing a doctor's name, proper etiquette, and having their eye contact can give patient satisfaction a boost. At the same time, HealthLeaders reports 3 out of 4 patients are clamoring to consult with their physicians Read more [...]

The #1 Thing Nurses Feel Patients are Most Unprepared For

As part of a large national program to improve the patient experience, we recently surveyed more than 500 orthopedic nurses and asked them, "Which of the following do you feel patients are most UNprepared for when they come to your hospital for orthopedic surgery?" Their #1 response? PAIN MANAGEMENT. As you can see in the chart, 43% of respondents chose pain management above discharge, insurance, mobility or home prep. Here, in their own words, are their top concerns: "We do have inconsistency Read more [...]