Telemedicine Provides Better Care and More Patient Engagement

Although recently the subject of vigorous debate and controversy telemedicine is expanding rapidly in many states. A new review of research on clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness related to telemedicine shows promising findings for a range of conditions even as coverage variations and restrictions continue to pose challenges according to a new report issued by Altarum Institute “Telemedicine Today: The State of Affairs.”

The Role Of Remote Care Management In Population Health

Remote care management (RCM) programs use telehealth technology to facilitate clinically driven, remote monitoring, care, and education of patients and are an absolute necessity for providers and payers striving to implement an effective population health management strategy. Historically, RCM programs have been viewed through a fee-for-service lens and, as a consequence, overlooked, because physicians would not be reimbursed for the time to monitor these patients outside the confines of their offices. Read more [...]