Patient complaints: Sometimes sorry is all it takes

In my administrative role, I have the great pleasure of signing thank you letters to patients and family members who have acknowledged the great care they have received by one of our physicians or other caregivers. It is a nice way to tell the patient “we got your note” and to simultaneously recognize the provider by copying her or him. The best part is that I get to read the patients’ letters, which are filled with gratitude, and remind me of the great privilege we have to make a positive Read more [...]

The Most Common Gripes Patients Have About Their Doctors

What about doctors bugs patients the most? A new survey from the Cleveland Clinic reveals all.

Firstly, nearly all patients — 85 percent — said that their doctor does something that bugs them. Nearly half of patients said that it aggravates them the most to wait for a long time at the doctor’s office, and 12 percent said that it bothers them most when their doctor tells stories to other people about their medical history or ailments.

Hospitals reduce parking fees to improve patient experience

A poor parking set-up is one of the top consumer complaints about hospitals–and has a negative impact on patient experience before the patient even enters the front door.

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