10 Lessons From Empowered Patients

Your disease. But grasping control of your patient experience, when you’re surrounded by white coats and intimidating medical lingo and scary diagnoses, can be hard. U.S. News talked to 10 people who have a lot of experience being patients – or have advocated for a patient – about the most important lessons they’ve learned about patient empowerment. Their responses:

In-Depth: Rise of the ePatient Movement

Explore the electronic evolution that is propelling the ePatient movement into the epicenter of healthcare: Regina Holliday, Dave Chase, and Stephen Beck share their insights for a collective perspective of how HIT has both evaded and empowered patients, changing healthcare delivery for good.

Medical records at your fingertips

Heather Earley used to lug a 5-inch binder to every pediatrician’s appointment, filled with hundreds of pages of specialists’ notes, test results, and other medical records for her 11-year-old son, who was born with a rare genetic disorder.