Shift the focus from patient satisfaction to employee satisfaction

By now, everyone in health care is accustomed to the idea of patient satisfaction data and the multi-million dollar industry ($61 million in annual revenue for Press Ganey alone) which exists thanks to the health care leaders and policy makers who embrace it. Most physicians believe it is absurd to use it as a marker of quality care, but have accepted it anyway. We will “play the game” in order to get paid for our work.

Support, care for health workers to improve patient experience

It was hard to engage in a healthcare conversation in recent weeks without hearing about the challenges presented and fear created by the global Ebola crisis. In the United States, the outcomes in Dallas brought home the complicated nature of a global healthcare system driven by protocol and process, and revealed that in striving for perfect outcomes, the healthcare system still built on human beings caring for human beings. This also means, as hard as we might work to avoid it, oversight or errors Read more [...]