Caregivers as a Gateway to Improved Patient Engagement

Did you know that it is significantly more likely that any given patient has a caregiver than has accessed or used a patient portal? Yet many healthcare organizations are spending significant time and resources on their patient portal efforts to help improve patient engagement while overlooking a potentially more immediate and impactful patient engagement opportunity – caregivers.

Family Waiting Room Anxiety – Information Fix

The information needs of patients and their families in surgical waiting rooms are vast and largely unmet (Healy, 2013; Kutash & Northrop, 2007). By placing the power of information and communication in the family liason’s hands, Directors of Perioperative Services can alleviate this stress causing need. Providing up to date and clear information helps family members while they wait for their loved one to come out of surgery.

Health Is Difficult When Solo: Will More e-Caregivers Help?

Last week, both my husband and I came away from a conversation with my doctor positive that we understood my new weight-gain plan. Funny thing: Each of us recalled a different plan. I am always struck by how our memories of the words spoken by my doctor can be so dissimilar. No, not all of them, but enough of them to be wary of going to any appointment without a backup listener.