5 Things Hospitals Can Learn About Patient Engagement From Netflix

Since its inception in 1997, the video streaming and DVD distribution company Netflix has grown into an internationally recognized giant in the entertainment world. In July of this year, the business reported that its subscriber base had grown to 65.55 million, according to Business Insider. There’s no denying that the company has captured the attention of its target audience. Netflix understands what drives the modern consumer and has carefully tuned and shaped its offerings and service delivery Read more [...]

Why EMR Patient Portal Technology Isn’t the Answer

In the 80’s there was a popular phrase in the IT space: “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” Buying IBM was a “safe bet” that wouldn’t get questions or scrutiny from company leadership. The same today could be said about EMRs. Purchasing one of the “Big 3″ EMR systems to meet federal requirements for incentive programs has been a no-brainer for the last decade. Read the full article on HITConsultant.net. Read more [...]

Standardization vs. Personalization: Can Healthcare Do Both?

Usually when personalization is mentioned in the world of healthcare thoughts jump to genetics and personalized medicine with custom cancer drugs and medical devices. However, there is another type of personalization that can be applied to healthcare, to make each patient feel like an individual, rather than just “one of the masses.” The world of ecommerce discovered the value of personalized online experiences a decade ago and the additional revenue/branding/loyalty that can be generated Read more [...]

The Most Underutilized Force in Patient Engagement Today

When was the last time you touched your cell phone? Did you just look at it sitting next to you or feel for it in your pocket? Maybe you’re already reading this article right now on your phone. The latest craze over the release of the iPhone 6 has just proven again how much people love their phones. Hundreds of people waited in lines for hours or even slept overnight trying to be one of the first to get their hands on Apple’s latest design. More than 10 million phones were sold over the debut Read more [...]

There May be Zombies in Your Hospital

While the CDC and the Pentagon have both issued emergency preparedness plans for a zombie apocalypse, it's unlikely most hospitals have assessed this kind of "threat." However, zombies may already be among us, lurking around the corners in hospital hallways or seated at the nearest nurses' station. Here are three types of "zombies" that may be in your hospital and what you should do about them: Zombie Patients These patients are unengaged and passive about their own care, unable or unwilling Read more [...]